Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We have taken the leap. We have taken drastic steps to Waldorf our home..... All the precious plastic baby toys, in a heap, and ready to be sold!

I will be using the proceeds to buy beautiful silks and sturdy wooden toys, quality art supplies and inspirational books! What a trade off!!! No comparrison. I am so excited!

To be honest, I felt totally overwhelmed today. I have been studying Steiner, and trying to cram my head and heart with so much information, that it left me feeling a little drained today, and so totally inefficient.....
Anybody out there relate to that?

Is anybody even reading this blog apart from my family?

I am really tired tonight, so just wanted to post our resident photographers pics of the day.....

God bless


  1. You are amazing Mamfi. Who is the resident photographer??? Impressive!!!!!!!

  2. I'm reading!
    Congrats on the toy front, you won't regret it!
    Don't get too bogged done with the reading, just follow your heart.
    Good luck! XXxx