Friday, April 17, 2009

We had a fabulous easter, full of crafting and family. We created two easter trees, giving the boys a wonderfully messy painting day, after day, after day. Once the eggs were painted, we all painted our hands and feet, and made our prints on cloth, to give away as gifts.

I also got a little carried away making little flower fairy's, from, my new favourite place!!!! You have to go and take a look! We are busy with the latest project of making our own treehouse for the gnomes, (so far, 15 of them). Little beds, and furniture, and rugs! Such a joy to make, and the children love watching the creation process, helping to pick the colours of the felt, and thread.

Well, here are the boys getting covered in paint, and creating our beautiful easter tree!

And!!!! Biggest news of all! Our Stockmar art supplies have arrived!

They are treat with absolute reverence in our home......
When I opened the package, I even made a humming noise to simulate angels singing......
We didnt waste any time... we drew rainbows with our block crayons, and I have to say, it was everything I imagined it to be. Such a peaceful, beautiful process!

And then, our first painting lesson. I read Painting with children- by Brunhild Muller back to back, prepared the paint in the little bottles we have been collecting for the last few weeks.
Then I was going to start with the colour stories, but the boys really wanted to draw the Crucifixion, as we had been following the story all week, and ta da..... my little artists....
The way the colours flowed into each, really really worth it!

Our resident water fairy! I could certainly use some tips from her for mediation techniques!


  1. Sam this was what I was trying to remember when I spoke to you last night! Isabella looks so much like a picture I have of Natalie at the same age - Natalie was looking at Maxie (cat) with the same expression on her face! I will look for it and show you - I didn;t realise how alike they are!! Little Doll xxx

  2. I just thought EXACTLY the same thing when I saw that pic of Bella at the water feature ... wow, it was like I was looking into a mirror ....