Saturday, March 21, 2009

T for tadpole

T is for Tie Dye.... our first attempt... yippee!!!

The wonderful thing about homeschooling is the opportunity to rearrange your schedule at a moments notice. We had an unfortunate death in the family, and attended the funeral on wednesday, with that and daddy coming home, our week hit a little speed wobble, which resulted in us only continuing on thursday afternoon with lessons.

Our letter introduction for T took place under coconut trees, so we went out to source a coconut, and as Melissa Neilson suggests, asked Warrior to attempt opening it. We had some laughs, watching the boys try everything.

Finally daddy lends a hand with the rolling pin, and finally the sharpest knife in the draw..... It finally opened, and the boys tasted coconut milk for the first time.

We made coconut crunchies... yummy.

We went off to the Magical Magnolia Dell to look for tadpoles, but the flash floods seem to have washed them all downstream. The boys were pretty dissapointed, as they were looking forward to raising some frogs.

We did find a gnomes home, though.... and this marvellous tree
in the perfect shape of T.

It was wonderful to have daddy with us for the lessons, I think he really enjoyed them, and was suprised at how much the boys are learning. They explained to him how the earthworms come to the surface after heavy rains, explaining the masses of hadida birds, and then they showed him our earthworm farm and explained how they make tunnels for water and oxygen to get to the root babies under the earth.
We saw this marvellous sunset and rainbow on the way home.
Daddy even memorised our bedtime story, so after I told them the story of St George and the dragon, he told us the story of wise king Soloman.

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  1. Absolutely loved the tye dyed shirt ... brilliant Mamfi ... you must teach me how ... Very impressed with the coconut too.. I'm gonna try that with the kids this weekend. Love ya