Tuesday, March 17, 2009

letter S

Today we continued with S.

Warrior and I walked around the garden after circle time (sing a song of sixpence went down well, I have a crow puppet) while he retold the story of the 6 swans to me. On the walk, we found a little baby woodpecker that had fallen out of its nest. We fetched a towel, careful not to get our scent on the birdie, and put him back in his nest. I really hope it worked. He looked so frightened, the poor thing.

After all the commotion we finally settled in to our work for the day.

This was my blackboard drawing for the story. (apparently my chalkboard skills will improve with practice)
Warrior drew 2 beautiful pictures of the Swans and of the king and queen.

We then made Streams in our Sandpit. (yes, its red day. Gift got wet as usual).

We made this Spider out of two black pom poms and black pipe cleaners.

We had Soup for supper.

We made a black forest cake for daddy to celebrate his return from a business trip.

All in all a good day, except for some sad news about a close relative.

It makes you more determined to appreciate every precious moment we are given on this earth.

Precious treasure found : this giant oak leaf.... it takes pride of place hanging above our nature table.

yes, the picture is sideways..... I am too tired to figure out how to turn it... just turn your computer on its side....... ha ha ha.

Thank you for sharing this with us, and God Bless.


  1. So glad I got to see it all - you are all coming along beautifully - nothing wrong with your chalkboard drawings - it is so lovely to see you in your elelment!!!

  2. Here, here Mamfi. Enjoy all the special memories that you are creating ... your drawings are MUCH better than my attempts would be ... ha ha
    Looks like you are becoming quite a teacher ... You impress me much!