Monday, March 16, 2009

Letter S

We had such a lovely day today. I had so much planned, we couldn't get through it all.

After circle time, and our daily march to collect things for the nature table, we continued with our journey with the Wise Sophia, as the children walk down the zig zag path to the stream. A few weeks ago I created this box, and a few of the props, to help to tell the story day by day. It is similar to a puppet show, and Warrior really enjoys watching it change daily. I also draw a blackboard drawing of the story.

The children are little handmade gnomes, the trees we made ourselves, and for todays story, the stream was some lovely blue wool that looked like a shimmering stream, and the zig zag path were some of our wooden blocks.

After the story we practiced the form with tie died clay ( ha ha ha) yes, I made the three primary colours, and we managed to keep them seperate for 2 weeks, but they are now officially all blended together.

We had sandwiches cut in the the form of the day(zig zag), and then I told them the story of the 6 swans to introduce the letter S. The boys got really into the story, as did Blessing, who kept putting the props into her mouth. I laid out the show on the carpet, it took up the whole lounge, as we built the castle, the forest hide away, and the wiches hut, in between the wooden trees(forest). The gnomes were the 7 children, and then I got really creative, and cut 6 of Isabellas wet wipes(clean ones) in to little jackets to throw over the gnomes when the witch casts her spell on them turning them into swans.
The boys got really involved flying the "swans" around the forest.

Well, I remembered that we have a beautiful lake nearby, where I got married actually, that is surrounded by oak trees and , yes, swans.... so we took a bag of bread and set off to feed the swans.
The camera battery decided to die, so unfortunately there are no pictures, but we will be going back very soon, as we spent the afternoon gathering Treasures for the nauture table. Swan feathers, acorns and pebbles.

Tomorrow we will draw a few pictures, I didnt worry too much about it today, as the boys really enjoyed the outing, and I am just following there rhythm at the moment. It doesnt help to cram so much into the day, that they ending up missing the point of the story.
The most beautiful thing Warrior said to me at bed time was " Mommy, my form for last week(curves) is the same shape dolphins make when they jump out of the water". Well, at least we are doing something right... he is grasping the form drawing concept and feeling it flow.... I couldn't be happier.

Have a blessed evening!


  1. Sounds like a heavenly day!! Well done: Lots of Love - Nanan xxx

  2. Oh Sam, you make it sound to enchanting ... I felt like I was there. WOW!