Friday, March 13, 2009

We had fun today! It was GREEN day, but have decided not to colour our food every day........ food colouring is artificial..... not too healthy...

We dont do school on fridays, so we just had fun. At the gym, Warrior made it to the top of the climbing wall. When we got home they were still full of energy, so we put the jumping castle up in the lounge and filled it with balls. The boys had fun taking turns defending the castle from enemies.

Warrior made us veggie fingers for lunch in the shape of his form for the week, and then we just spent the day together like 4 best friends, doodling with crayons and play dough.

At some point I remember feeling that this is the happiest any one person can feel! There is no where in the world I would rather be, and I am truly blessed to be experiencing this journey. Yes, its tough at times, but the special moments are plenty and far outweigh the difficult ones.

A really special moment today was when Gift found this baby lizard. We called him Luna, and he stayed on miguels neck for easy 30 minutes, before his mommy called him home for dinner.

Supper was brontosorous pizza ala Gift........
Thank you for sharing our day!!!!

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  1. Just love the pizza idea ... this is great ... you giving me good ideas for the weekends!! hee hee