Thursday, March 12, 2009

orange day

We are following Melisa Neilson's wonderful curriculum guide.
For those unfamilier with it, each day of the week has its own Planet, food, form and colour. Today was Orange!
We have taken to arranging our cupboards into colours of the rainbow, and it's also an opportunity for me to explore the art of tiedye... one of my personal loves, so keep posted.... you will soon see our first attempts.
But back to "Orange" day.
Our week is planned according to a circular guide, and every morning, the boys take turns to turn the dial to see what we will be having for breakfast and what colour we have to wear for the day.

Their t-shirts today were brown with orange stitching and orange shorts. You may notice that later on, Gift is wearing blue..... yes, he does go through quite a few clothes every day, with his love for water, sand and mud..... and baking... he will get a little of each of the ingredients on his shirt and in his hair.. lol.

But he had the best intentions when he suggested we colour our pancakes orange too.... a fun colour experiment with red and yellow food dye, and they tasted surprisingly delicious!

Gift is turning into a regular little chef, and I must say, I love his enthusiasm!!! It is contagious....

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