Wednesday, May 6, 2009

puppet shows part 1

Our favourite time of day, is story time. I try to get as creative as possible, and we usually use our gnomes and wooden blocks to construct the scene. Give this a try.... it doesn't cost a thing, and is easier than it looks. The children really love it, and end up giving you puppet shows for days afterwards with their own made up stories! Priceless!

The first one is the easiest. Its what I call the "Finger Puppet Show".

Items needed:
1. A cardboard box.
2. An A4 piece of white paper
3. Pencil crayons
4. Paint
5. Box cutter

So, to begin, cut a window in the top of the box as seen in the picture. I don't have measurements, because I don't know the size of your box. But use your common sense, it should be about three times the height of your finger puppets.

Paint your box however you like. The piece of box that you cut out for the window should be black though. I painted mine black with white stars to simulate the night sky. I taped it on the inside of the box with duct tape.

Then, draw a circle on your paper about 30 cm in circumference. Draw another circle inside the first with a circumference of about 15cm. Cut out both circles. Throw away the small one.Cut the large circle exactly in half, and roll it around your finger to form a cone shape. This is the base for your finger puppet. Do as many as you need for your story. The characters for your story, should be the same height as the cones you have made. Draw your characters, colour them in, and wala!
Let the children help with every stage of this, except if they are teething.... thats how our princess lost her head... it got sucked off!

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  1. This is excellent ... and priceless about the headless princess ... don't remember a story like that one