Tuesday, May 5, 2009

letter G

Glorious G. Our journey to the wise Sophia continues with a gift from Roak the magic bear. A Grand little Goose with the gift of laying eggs for the family to enjoy!

I made the goose with a little white, yellow and orange felt, and a ball of cotton wool. Roak is one of our precious collection of animal kingdom that I collected many years ago.
the picnic basket and contents are moulded out of clay, As are the goose eggs and the nest.

We have been waiting 5 months for our Waldorf Alphabet book, only to be told now that they are doing another print run. I still have it on backorder, as apparently it is a treasure to own. Nonetheless, that didnt help me with my letters. I pulled out all my creative juices to create A3 pictures, i only want to use animals and flowers in the pictures, so here we are so far. The kids are loving them, and I must admit, they are getting better the more I practice with the block crayons.
We have also moved the classroom to the lounge! We will be moving to a smaller house soon, and it is easier to incorporate the lessons into our daily rhythm with all of us together in the same space. It works wonders for us, and I always have a little giggle when a muggle (non waldorfian) comes to visit. They cant quite make out our choice of adornments but are too polite to ask.
I love it when they do ask, because then I can tell them all the marvelous aspects that waldorf is bringing to our lives.


  1. Like your sister ??? ha ha ... it's looks lovely Mamfi

  2. G is for goose or goat , be careful with giraffe , it is confusing as it is also the sound for J- regards Sue Gurney Waldorf teacher