Tuesday, March 10, 2009

first post

hello, and welcome to dragonflies and butterflies...
My blogs will be written sporadically in between homeschooling, breastfeeding, cooking, cleaning and playing dress up.

As we speak, I am typing one handed while breastfeeding Blessing(7 months old), supervising Gift(4yrs old) who is making us tortillas for supper, and watching Warrior(6 years old) spinning around the lounge with a cloak draped over his head. Yes, I am a very lucky mom indeed, to share my days with 3 of the most beautiful souls, who keep me entertained every second of the day, who have taught me about life and I continue to learn from them every day.

When I first considered homeschooling, a fellow homeschooler said to me, "when you spend every minute of every day with your children, you will start to see yourself in them. You might not like what you see."

She was right. But it has given me the determination to be a better person, and its something I work on every day.
I have learnt so much through the blogs of other homeschooling moms, that I wanted to give something back.
So this is our introduction. I am not perfect, but I have a dream life, sharing it with the most wonderful supportive man in the world, who is also the best daddy I could have asked for.

My first pictures are of our day today. Gift made these tortillas. Very easy. Even a 4 year old can do it...

3 cups flour
1/2 t spoon baking powder
pinch of salt
sift together.
cut in 1/2 cup of butter/marg
until the mixture resembles oats
3/4 cup of water.
knead for 5 minutes.

cover and stand for 30 min.
roll into balls (size depends on size of tortilla you want)
leave for 25 min.
roll out, and fry like a pancake.

fill with whatever you fancy. We made chicken strips, avo, lettuce and tomatoe, but last week we had them with mince.
Gift insisted on sitting on the washing basket. :}


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  1. This is absolutely fabulous Mamfi. I am SO proud of the bubblies doing their own supper!